Sealand Electric Pumps

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High technology and quality investment for customer satisfaction

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The Sea-Land range of submersible and centrifugal pumps offers you a complete solution for your pumping needs.

It does this by a combination of much improved reliability and greater energy savings with the best electrical efficiency available on the market today. All Sea-Land motors greater than 0.75kw comply with IE2 motor ratings.

We now give you greater peace of mind in running your business.  This results in performance you can trust and the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Sea-Land pumps are more than just a pump, we respect our environment by getting the most out available energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Sea-Land S.r.l. since 1990 is specialized in the production of centrifugal, self-priming and submersible electric pumps for domestic and civil use, for irrigation and industrial plants, having a range starting from 2 m3/h up to 170 m3/h. Highly qualified technicians, constantly updated and using the latest projecting and testing software are able to develop very innovative products of high performance and especially of long term reliability.

In Sea-Land everything it’s revolving around the target to develop technologies which create value to its products and to who chooses them, but above all, to provide an high technical and human standard relation. Such vision granted to Sea-Land to be recognized, in more than 60 countries all over the world trough branches or qualified distributors, as an Italian company to rely on.

Our QUALITY SYSTEM certified ISO 9001 since 1998, as main object have the customer satisfaction with which one the company share the target of improving the range of service and products, as well with a deep intention to continue his opera to invent solutions more and more original and respectful of the environment around of us.

What are you looking for in a pump?

Here at Sea Land South Africa we strive to provide high quality pumps at affordable prices to a range of various sectors, from Domestic Pumps to large scale Industrial Pumps for large scale Drainage operations or Solid Waste removal. We have many  Centrifugal Pumps, Pressure Boost Kits, Vertical Pumps, Borehole Pumps and Diesel Pumps to suite just about any application.

Borehole Pumps

Borehole wells are becoming increasingly popular as a clean environmentally friendly alternative source of water to the ever increasing costs of mains supply water for domestic commercial and industrial installations. We have a large range of borehole pumps suitable for all borehole wells.

Need a heavy duty pump?

 industrial submersible solid waste electric pumps  industrial submersible solid waste electric pumps  industrial submersible solid waste electric pumps  industrial submersible solid waste electric pumps
 RC 8150-6T  DIG 110 MPT  RC 6300-4T  DIG 55 MPT