Borehole Pumps

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What is a Borehole Pump?

A borehole pump is used to extract water from a borehole. Boreholes are narrow shafts drilled vertically into the ground. The holes are made using a drilling rig that creates a borehole with specific dimensions so that the borehole pump can fit through with very little clearance on all sides.

How does a Borehole Pump work?

Because borehole pumps come into direct contact with minerals in the soil, they are typically made of corrosion resistant materials. Borehole pumps consist of two main components: a foot part that houses the pumping mechanism and makes contact with the water that is to be pumped; and the head part, which serves as the weight-bearing portion and the outlet for the water

Where are Borehole Pumps used?

Borehole pumps are used in a variety of fields including irrigation, municipal water supply, construction, mining, and industry.