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Sumersible Monobloc Multistage Electric Pumps

The vertical monobloc multistage electric pumps of the series Vertì J Sub are designed with the most advanced and sophisticated engineering and industrial design systems. They have been studied to pump clean liquids, without abrasives and suspended solids, non-explosive or aggressive for the pump’s materials.

Liquid temperature not higher than 35 °C for domestic use (CEI EN60335-2-41) or 60 °C for other use.

The extreme noiselessness permit the internal or external installation, immerged in to a storage tank or basin. The use of corrosion-proof materials along with the particular impeller & diffuser design make them suitable for environments with a slight presence of sand in the water.

Technical Features

  • Pump body: stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Motor body: stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Pump shaft: stainless steel Aisi 420 F
  • Diffusers: Techno-polymer
  • Impeller: Techno-polymer
  • Pump?s side mechanical seal: carbon-ceramics
  • Motor?s side seal: lip ring in NBR
  • Quick cable coupling watertight connector
  • 10 m H07RN-F feeding cable whit Schuko plug.


  • Two poles induction rewindable motor with protection IP 68,class F insulation.
  • Single-phase feeding with incorporated motor protector and capacitor permanently connected.
  • Three-phase feeding with compulsory protection to be provided by the user.
  • Continuous duty.